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The latent space where technology brings entertainment to life

Memento Mori: The first conversational adventure guided by AIs on Streaming

AI-Tubers Virtual Office: Vtuber + AI

Evolving entertainment experiences with technology

AI-Doll: The New Music Sensation

MTE comes to the Blockchain with Vipe Heroes

AI Generated Music: The new frontier conquered by MTE in content creation. Discover our SYNTH RETRO channel.

At Mementum Tech Entertainment we are a visionary and innovative company that creates exciting and fascinating experiences for accessible entertainment for all, using cutting-edge and creative technology.

We are passionate about expanding creativity and promoting innovation and futuristic technology, making us the perfect choice for those looking for an intriguing and surprising experience in the entertainment industry.

Exciting and

Immerse yourself in a world of emotions and fascination with our unique entertainment experiences.

From adrenaline-fueled adventures to captivating narratives, we take you to surprising places and make you live unforgettable moments.

and Creative Technology

At Mementum Tech Entertainment, we stand out for our passion for cutting-edge technology and boundless creativity.

We use state-of-the-art tools and creative techniques to create unique and captivating content. Discover a world where technology merges with creativity to bring you never-before-seen experiences.

Promoting Innovation and Futuristic Technology

At Mementum Tech Entertainment, we are committed to promoting innovation and futuristic technology.

Our team works tirelessly to push the boundaries of creativity and leverage the most advanced emerging technologies in the entertainment industry. Join us on this journey towards an intriguing and surprising future.

Gastronomy meets AI

Step into the captivating world of Memento Mori, a guided conversational adventure powered by Artificial Intelligence. Join us on thrilling live streaming sessions as you uncover the mysteries alongside the protagonists. Set on a picturesque island in Japan, five high school companions find themselves entangled in a perplexing enigma.

Engage with our unique AI-Tubers, virtual streamers managed by state-of-the-art AI technology, as you participate in the live broadcasts. Interact with each character, asking the right questions and piecing together the puzzle. The fate of the story lies in your hands as you unveil the truth behind every stream.

But that’s not all! Memento Mori’s captivating narrative will transcend the streaming experience. Look forward to future adaptations in the form of a visual novel game for smartphones and consoles, a collection of manga, and an animated series.

Embark on this immersive journey and let Memento Mori transport you to a world where intrigue and suspense await at every turn. Don’t miss your chance to be a part of this extraordinary adventure!

AI-Tubers Virtual Office: Vtuber + AI

Discover the future of entertainment with our AI-Tubers Virtual Office. We create virtual streamers managed by artificial intelligences, each with their own captivating narrative universe. Get ready to dive into a world of live streams, YouTube and Twitch channels, social media, and much more.

We begin with three exciting AI-Tubers: Luna Tails TV, Blue Wave TV, and Sophie’s Tea Party. Each of them offers a unique and captivating experience that will transport you to their virtual world.

But that’s just the beginning. We are constantly expanding our family of AI-Tubers! Stay tuned for an array of fascinating personalities who will take you to new worlds full of fun, excitement, and limitless entertainment.

Immerse yourself in this thrilling AI-Tubers universe and become part of a vibrant community. Join us as we explore new horizons in digital entertainment and discover everything the AI-Tubers have to offer. Get ready for an experience that will defy your expectations!


Luna Tails TV //


Meet Luna, an elegant and charming girl. Her channel includes live chats and occasional special events. Luna interacts with her viewers via live chat and social media. She often answers questions and talks about various topics related to video games and pop culture. Viewers can enjoy Luna’s charismatic and friendly personality as she shares her passion for video games and geek culture. In short, LunaTailsTV is a fun and welcoming Twitch channel that offers viewers an entertaining and engaging gaming experience, as well as a friendly and energetic atmosphere.

Blue Wave TV //


BlueWaveTV is a Twitch channel for video game and urban culture lovers. With his samurai gaming style, Takeshi will take you through different virtual adventures as he shares his skills and knowledge about the world of video games.

Whether you’re looking for tips and tricks for your favorite games, or just want to enjoy a good stream, BlueWaveTV is the place to be. Get ready to immerse yourself in a world full of action, excitement and adventure – don’t miss the opportunity to join the wave and enjoy a unique gaming experience!.

Sophie´s Tea Party //


In «Sophie’s Tea Party» you can have a relaxing and enjoyable time while chatting with Sophie and her audience. With her sweet and elegant lolita style, Sophie invites you to join her virtual tea party, where you can enjoy a selection of delicious teas and sweets while chatting about your favorite topics. On her Just Chatting channel, Sophie tackles topics such as anime, video games, pop culture, fashion and lifestyle, always with her sweet and charming touch. In addition, she also does some game and variety streams to make the tea party even more fun. Join Sophie and her tea community at «Sophie’s Tea Party» for a nice and relaxed time – we’re waiting for you at Twitch’s sweetest virtual tea party!

MTE comes to the Blockchain
with Vipe Heroes

Immerse yourself in the exciting era of Web3 and the metaverse with Mementum Tech Entertainment! We have acquired three incredible characters from the «Vipe Heroes» collection by Polygonal Mind, a pioneering Spanish company in metaverse construction.

We are thrilled to introduce our new AI-Tubers, the Vipe Heroes. These fascinating characters are not only part of the NFT collection, but we have also integrated them into our thrilling AI-Tubers universe.

It’s a leap into the world of Blockchain technology and Web3. Now, they can be not only used as AI-Tuber characters in our live streams but also interact in the metaverse, play in virtual reality environments, participate in augmented reality applications, and much more.

We are excited to take the Vipe Heroes experience to the next level. With this strategic move, we position ourselves at the intersection of digital entertainment and blockchain technology.

Join us on this exciting adventure in Web3 and the metaverse. Discover how the Vipe Heroes come to life in our live streams as they explore new worlds and create an unmatched connection with our audience. The revolution of digital entertainment is here, and we are ready to take you to new dimensions of fun and excitement. Don’t miss the opportunity to be part of this transformative journey with our AI-Tubers and the incredible Vipe Heroes!

SynthRetro : Virtual 80s Soundscapes

Electronic music, due to its characteristics, has been one of the first to be replicated thanks to Generative AI. Music styles such as LoFi, Synthwave, Chill, Techno or House, among others, can already be generated with AI tools. In MTE we wanted to launch our own musical proposal and that’s why we want to present our first music channel on Youtube, a channel specialized in Synthwave music. We present SYNTH RETRO:

Pentakill Beats:

The Rhythms of Summoner’s Rift

Welcome to Pentakill Beats: The Rhythms of Summoner’s Rift! Dive into the ultimate League of Legends music experience!  Immerse yourself in the electrifying fusion of EDM, Phonk, and Drum & Bass tunes tailored for your League adventures. From epic jungle skirmishes to intense mid-lane clashes, our beats enhance your gaming thrills.


AMA (Ask me Anything) Session for
NFT Communities

Cybelle, our AI-Doll designed with cutting-edge technology. Cybelle is a one-of-a-kind creation, capable of interacting with users through her own synthetic voice and with a repertoire of original songs.

Following the style of the famous Hatsune Miku, Cybelle has been designed to provide an amazing musical and visual experience. With her virtual appearance and her movements coordinated with her music, Cybelle is able to create an emotional connection with her fans.

But it’s not just about her looks and music, it’s also about her artificial intelligence. Cybelle can learn from her interactions with users and customize her responses and performances accordingly. This means that every experience with Cybelle is unique and personalized for each user.

In short, Cybelle is a unique combination of cutting-edge technology, music and personality, making her an impressive AI-Doll. We are very proud to introduce Cybelle and hope you enjoy your experience with her as much as we did creating her.


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